Visit to Ballistic Publishing

For our first industry visit we had the pleasure of visiting a well known business called Ballistic Publishing.

Massive Black Publication by Ballistic Publishing

Exotique 4 Publication by Ballistic Publishing

What is Ballistics’ business model?

Ballistic Publishing’s main business model is marketing quality books, but a very large part of their business is a website known as CG Society, a website for designers from all over the world to publish their own content. On CG Society you can find a great variety of helpful content, such as: forums, jobs, tutorials, articles, portfolios and more.

How do the designers contribute to this model?

All designers need to work together and get along as a team to help keep Ballistic one of the most successful of it’s kind in Australia, and keep CG Society the most successful of it’s niche online.

What is the designer’s role at Ballistic?

The role of the designer is varied. All designers will occasionally help with the main website and/or the CG Society website, but a big part of the designer’s role is to help put together gallery and tutorial books for publication.

Who do the designers have to work with?

The designers have to work with each other (other designers) and also almost the whole of the Ballistic team, including the marketers and managers. Designers have to be passionate about their work and work together with other designers (and people from other departments) for projects and the business to succeed.

How important is the interface of the website to the company?

Since the website is the main tool for selling books, I guess we can safely say the interface of the website is very important. It’s very important to have an easy to access and use website so users don’t get frustrated and leave before they buy anything!

What are the future developments of the websites interface?

We don’t know of any future developments regarding the home page for Ballistic Publishing, but they did give us a sneak preview of the new CG Society design that they have in the pipelines. CG Society has been in need of a refreshed design for quite some time now, as Tim mentioned some users have been getting lost regarding the navigation of the website.

Visit to Ballistic Publishing Look at CG Society


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