The Business of Design

A great book by Joseph DeSetto for beginners like myself.

The Business of DesignWho this book is for:

The Business of Design is the definitive book to teach business to artists pursuing a career in design. For many years, university design curriculum and books have been able to successfully teach the tough, process, and method of creating high impact corporate communications, yet many students still begin their career-and even advance into senior positions or start their own design firms-with only a limited understanding of the business and industry that employs these talents. This text was created to fill that void and better prepare designers to choose employers, work with clients, and successfully navigate a creative career.


In this text, we focus mainly on visual design, though many other areas of practice-interiors, interactive, industrial-follow similar conventions and share the same challenges. This text is written for anyone in the design field to use, and though primarily intended for university classroom use, it is written in a more approachable, conversational stlye than the usual formal approach of a business textbook.


Design reaches every industry around the world in some form. At its core, design is a method of solving problems. A designer must learn how their work is one piece of a much larger business puzzle. In this chapter, we introduce the industry, including a look at the amount of revenue design generates and what designers can expect to earn.

This book goes on to give some very interesting case studies. Good for learning designers. Take a look.


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